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 ProductsMonocrystalline Solar ModulesMM300T (6x12)     May 26, 2018  
RITEK Monocrystalline Solar MM300T

Product Highlight:

Model:  MM300T (300W)
PTC:     269.7W
PTC / STC Rate: 89.90%
Module Efficiency: 15.39%
Connector: Tyco or MC4
Frame Color: Silver or Black

Made in Taiwan (
RITEK Solar Manufacturing)

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Crystalline (C-Si) solar modules are the mainstream products throughout the world, due to the stability of material supplies and maturity of production technologies. Solar cells are one of the most critical elements across the value chain because they convert sunlight into electricity. RITEK Corporation sources crystalline solar cells made in Taiwan only for our solar modules, in order to ensure the best quality. Our crystalline solar modules boast high efficiency, high reliability, high durability and low conversion lost. Meanwhile, we offer customized services to cater to a variety of customers’ needs.


 - High-quality components to ensure the best conversion efficiency 
 - High-level protection for tough environment
 - Warranty of minimal power output 90% at STC for 10 years
 - Warranty of minimal power output 80% at STC for 25 years


Solar Module Structure:

How Solar Power Works:

Solar cells utilize silicon as a semiconductor material. The cells are then assembled into a solar module that converts sunlight directly into electricity. When sunlight is absorbed by the silicon material, solar energy knocks the electrons free in the silicon crystal structure, allowing the electrons to flow through the silicon material to generate electricity. Converting light (photon) into electricity (voltage) is called the photovoltaic effect. Solar modules produce DC current that is converted into AC current when the solar system is connected to a house through a grid connection.

 Module Model: MM300T 
 Peak Power, Pmax  300W
 Power Tolerance +/- 3%
 Peak Power Voltage, Vpm 35.40V
 Peak Power Current, Ipm 8.42A
 Open Circuit Voltage, Voc 44.55V
 Short Circuit Current, Isc 8.87A 
 Power Density 14.29 (W/sq.ft)
153.85 (W/sq.m)
 Module Efficiency 15.39%
 PTC / STC (W) 269.7 / 300 
 PTC / STC Efficiency  89.90%
 PTC / STC (W/sq.ft) 12.87 / 14.31 

* Electrical characteristics is based on STC (Standard Test Condition at 1000W/m2, AM 1.5, 25°C)

Product Specifications
 Mechanical Specifications:  
 Cells per module  72 pieces/module
 Cell type  Mono-crystalline Silicon, 3 Bus-bar
 Cell dimensions  6.14 x 6.14 (inches) / 156 x 156 (mm)
 Laminate construction  Front: Tempered glass
 Encapsulation: Solar cells embedded in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)
 Rear: Tedlar
 Color of back sheet: White
 Glass  Low-iron tempered glass
 Standard thickness: 0.157 (nches) / 4 (mm)
 thickness is customizable
 Junction box  IP65, Kit wtih solar cables & connectors, TUV certified & UL listed
 Bypass diodes  3 pieces, TUV certified & UL listed
 Cable  Solar cable x 2 (Kit wtih Junction box & Connector)
 Cable length: 39.37/39.37 (inches) [1,000/1,000 (mm)]
 Wire size: AWG#12, 4.0, TUV certified & UL listed
 Connector  Tyco Connectors, x2 (Male Coupler x 1 + Female Coupler x1)
 MC4 Connectors (Optional), x2 (Male Coupler x 1 + Female Coupler x1)
 TUV certified & UL listed
 Frame  Anodized Aluminum Frame.
 Color: Silver or Black
 System Properties:  
 Max. system voltage  1000VDC (600VDC in U.S. & Canada)
 Series fuse rating  15A
 Fire Safety Rating  Class C
 Application Class  Class A (Safety Class II)
 Module operation temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
 NOCT (nominal operating cell temperature)  46.5°C
 Temperature coefficient TK Pmax (peak power)  -0.4566%/°C
 Temperature coefficient TK Voc (Open Circuit Voltage)  -0.3441%/°C
 Temperature coefficient TK Isc (Short Circuit Current)  +0.0545%/°C
 Logistics Specifications:  
 Module Dimensions (L x W x H)  77.4 x 39.06 x 1.65 (inches) / 1,966 x 992 x 42 (mm)
 Module Area  1.95 (sq.m) / 20.99 (sq.ft)
 Module Weight  57 (lbs) / 25 (kgs)
 Modules / Cartons  12 pieces / carton
 Modules / pallet  24 pieces / pallet
 Pallet size  79.6 x 44.6 x 44.2 (inches) / 2,022 x 1,132 x 1,122 (mm)
 20-foot container capacity  240
 40-foot container capacity  528
      ISO 9001:2000  SGS certified
      IEC 61215:2005  TUV certified
     IEC 61215:2005 10.16  Passed & Complied with Mechanical Load Test for Heavy Snow Load at 5400PA
      EN 61730-1 & En 61730-2:2007  TUV certified
      IEC 61701 First Edition 1995.3  Passed & Complied with Salt Mist Condition Test Standard
     UL1703 Ed:3 Rev:2004  Intertek Certified according to Safety Standard in the U.S.A.
     ULC/ORD-C1703-01 Second Edition  Intertek Certified according to Safety Standard in Canada
     CEC Listing  Completed
 Limited Warranty:  
 Product  5 years
 90% output at STC  10 years
 80% output at STC  25 years

Click here for additional Limited Warranty Information

 Part Number  Description
 MM300T-SLVTYCO  RITEK Monocrystalline Solar Module MM300T, Tyco Connector, Silver Frame
 MM300T-BLKTYCO  RITEK Monocrystalline Solar Module MM300T, Tyco Connector, Black Frame
 MM300T-SLVMC4  RITEK Monocrystalline Solar Module MM300T, MC4 Connector, Silver Frame
 MM300T-BLKMC4  RITEK Monocrystalline Solar Module MM300T, MC4 Connector, Black Frame

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