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 CorporateManufacturing     May 26, 2018  

RITEK Solar Manufacturing & Quality Control

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, RITEK Corporation and RITEK SOLAR USA has commited all over the world for production, sales and services of green products. As a professional manufacturer in the solar industry, RITEK Corporation is dedicated to its role as a corporate citizen to the environment. We aim to provide quality, high-performance and price-competitive solar modules and applications, in order to create a cleaner, greener and more environment-friendly life for generations to come.

The video clip illustrates a brief introduction of RITEK's manufacturing process, research & development, quality control, and certification & achievement of its solar modules.

In addition, the list of certifications RITEK has obtained as shown below further proves our commitment to green environment as well as quality of our products.

For more information about our solar module manufacturing and quality control, please contact us at solarsales@ritekusa.com.

RITEK Certifications

2010.09 Received ISO 9001 certification (Renewal)

2009.11 Received ISO 9001 certification (Renewal)

2005.12 Received the Greenmark certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration)

2005.11 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 2000 version)

2005.09 Received OHSAS 18001 certification

2005.08 Received ISO 14001 certification (the 2004 edition)

2005.03 Received RICOH's CMS certification

2004.12 Received SONY's GP certification

2000.11 Received QS 9000 certification

2000.04 Received ISO 9001 certification (the 1994 edition)

1999.06 Received ISO 14001 certification

1994.11 Received ISO 9002 certification

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