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Efficient, Time-saving and Cost-competitive

RITEK SOLAR USA provides consulting, planning, designing and constructing services to address the solar system market. We design solar systems with professional knowledge, a hands-on attitude, support from advanced CAD systems, and superior supply chain management. Moreover, the constructed solar systems are aesthetically attractive. The high-quality solar modules manufactured by RITEK Corporation come with a warranty of 25 years or more. RITEK Corporation strives to provide the best solar systems for all scales - utility, commercial and residential applications.

"RITEK would like to thank you for supporting solar energy applications for a better future for generations to come."

Harvey Liu
President, Ritek USA


Why RITEK Solar?

RITEK Corporation is committed to the acceleration of the adoption of solar energy products. Our efforts extend from module development to application integration. We intend to invest more resources in the integration of outstanding R&D institutions and manufacturers in order to work together toward a win-win strategy. RITEK Corporation strives for a tomorrow that is cleaner, better and more environmental friendly:


We have the core competences to integrate solar technologies in order to improve production efficiency and yields and lower production costs. Meanwhile, we have been involved in the thin-film industry early. With extensive experience in sputtering under our belt, RITEK Corporation has developed its own CIGS modules. As we own the key technologies, we are able to continuously improve conversion efficiency. Meanwhile, with the capability to install equipment, we are able to minimize the leadtime compared to other Taiwanese manufacturers who purchase turn-key solutions. RITEK Corporation is able to minimize production costs and provide quality products of high performances.

This is to ensure the reliability of our solar modules. With integrated design, manufacturing and sales, RITEK Corporation has established a comprehensive system for quality control. In addition to a stringent set of quality testing procedures performed by our internal laboratory, we ensure that all of our solar products are in compliance with independent third-party testing standards, such as Germany TÜV certification and American UL certification. We make sure that RITEK’s solar modules are the best and most reliable.

RITEK Corporation has accumulated outstanding R&D and manufacturing capabilities in the optical storage industry over the past two decades. We have established a comprehensive media storage product line and industry leadership in the world. Considering the gradual deterioration of the environment and increasing shortage of energy, RITEK Corporation decided to leverage our R&D and manufacturing capabilities to make inroads into the solar industry. We are committed to providing high-quality and high-performance solar modules made in Taiwan. Meanwhile, our professional green energy team provides our customers with comprehensive consulting services, such as turn-key solutions and system integration and deployment. As a corporate citizen, RITEK Corporation is dedicated to conservation and environmental protection. We are committed to our corporate social responsibilities by offering green energy and carbon reduction solutions. RITEK Corporation is the most trustworthy partner to customers because we are committed to responsibilities, integrity and sustainability.

All RITEK Solar Module are "Made in Taiwan" and NOT subject to Tariffs that may be imposed to "Made in China" products. read more...

RITEK Solar introduced a new LED Light Panel & Street Light products.

RITEK Mono300W Solar Panel received the highest PTC Rating in the U.S.A.
Featured Product

Solar Panel PM280

- Superior PTC 250.2
- 'Buy American Act' eligible
- Made in Taiwan Product
- UL1703 certified, CEC listed

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